8.0'' Chef Knife

X01 8″ Chef knife

Introducing the X1 Series, a remarkable lineup of Damascus Kitchen Knives crafted by Xinzuo cutlery. Elevate your culinary journey with these exquisite knives, meticulously designed to showcase the pinnacle of Xinzuo’s craftsmanship and innovation.   Featuring a stunning new raindrop Damascus pattern, the blades of the X1 Series are a testament to precision and artistry. …

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B35 8“Chef Knife

This series of products features high-quality German 1.4116 stainless steel blades, which are vacuum heat-treated to achieve a hardness of 55-57HRC. This steel contains metal elements such as chromium, molybdenum and vanadium, which give it superior properties. Compared to ordinary stainless steel kitchen knives, they have better corrosion resistance, rust resistance and strong toughness. These blades are extremely sharp and provide a perfect cutting, preserving the original flavor of the food.

The handles are made of natural red sandalwood, which is durable and comfortable. They are designed for a perfect hand fit, making cutting easier and safer. The ergonomic handle design ensures a comfortable grip and provides the best mobility for cutting different types of food.

With this series, XINZUO is committed to creating a set of simple and practical kitchen knives. It combines classic craftsmanship with modern minimalist design concepts. Choosing XINZUO knives will make your kitchen experience enjoyable and satisfying.

B20 8″Chef Knife

For the B20 series we use 67 layers damascus steel with our high-quality 10Cr15CoMoV Core damascus steel With the addition of the rare metal cobalt, the blade is hard but not brittle, and it is well known because for its sharpness. Vacuum heat treatment grants these knives a higher hardness, better sharpness and durability, comparing to the normal heat treatment products
Each knife in this series features a pakka wood handle, hand-polished by experienced craftsmen with a multi-stage procedure.

B5 8″Bunka Knife

Introducing an exceptional line of German stainless steel knives, epitomizing precision and craftsmanship. Within this distinguished series, an array of four knife types graces the collection, encompassing the versatile chef knife, the utility knife, the nakiri knife, and the bone chopper.

The blade, meticulously shaped from German 1.4116 steel, stands as a testament to engineering excellence. Possessing a martensitic microstructure, this steel variety is a hallmark of German craftsmanship, attaining an impressive hardness of 56 HRC. The 1.4116 steel is renowned for its stainless nature, characterized by high resistance to corrosion, remarkable strength, and superior mechanical attributes. A meticulous multi-process sharpening regimen ensures prolonged edge sharpness, enabling effortless precision in cutting a diverse range of ingredients, while preserving the original essence of each element.

The handle, a masterpiece carved from ebony wood, resonates with elegance and resilience. Known for its lustrous appearance, absence of distinctive odors, resistance to decay, and sturdy, weighty composition, ebony wood possesses an inherent fineness that perfectly complements the blade’s prowess. This union of blade and handle, forged with meticulous expertise, exudes a timeless charm, elevating your culinary space with an aura of sophistication.

B2 8″Chef Knife

When selecting the ideal material for kitchen knives, it’s important to strike a balance in qualities. German 1.4116 steel is favored for its strong resistance to rust, ease of sharpening, and durability. For this knife series, we’ve chosen German 1.4116 steel for the blade. This type of steel contains chromium, a component that offers solid rust protection. This means the steel is safe for food and perfect for professional kitchens. The steel is also simple to maintain as it resists rust and stains. It’s designed to last, thanks to the addition of molybdenum for improved wear resistance.

The handle, made of pakka wood with vibrant colors and a pleasing grain pattern, is sturdy and comfortable to hold. It fits well in the hand, making cutting tasks easier and safer. The handle’s ergonomic design ensures a secure grip and provides excellent control and balance for effortless slicing of various foods.