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Deba Knife

A deba knife blade shape is a type of blade shape that is common in Japanese kitchen knives. It has a large, rectangular blade with a straight edge and a sharp point. The blade is usually narrow and thick, with minimal curvature. A deba knife blade shape is traditionally used as a Japanese hatchet for beheading, opening and cleaning whole fish. It is heavy, with a thick spine and a single-beveled edge that can cut through fish bones and flesh with ease. High quality Deba knives feature “urasuki”, a concave or hollowed-out area on the back side of the blade, opposite to the beveled edge. The purpose of urasuki is to reduce the friction and drag when cutting through food, especially fish. Urasuki also helps to create a thin and clean cut, as well as to prevent the food from sticking to the blade. deba knife blade shape is a specialized and essential tool for many Japanese cuisines, especially those that involve fresh fish. It requires skill and technique to use it properly, as well as regular sharpening and maintenance.