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Sashimi/Yanagiba knife

A sashimi chef knife, also known as a yanagiba knife, is a type of Japanese knife that is used for slicing raw fish for sashimi, a traditional Japanese dish. A sashimi chef knife has a long, thin, and slightly curved blade that is usually between 210 and 270 mm in length. The blade has a single bevel edge, meaning that only one side of the blade is sharpened, while the other side is flat. The blade also has a pointed tip for precision and a smooth edge for slicing. A sashimi chef knife can be used for slicing various kinds of raw fish, such as tuna, salmon, or octopus. The name “sashimi” means “sliced raw fish” in Japanese, indicating its main purpose as a fish slicer. The name “yanagiba” means “willow leaf” in Japanese, referring to the shape of the blade that resembles a willow leaf. A sashimi chef knife is not only good for slicing fish, but also for slicing meat, such as beef or pork. The sharp and smooth edge of the blade can create thin and even slices of meat without tearing or shredding them. A sashimi chef knife is a great choice for anyone who wants to prepare sashimi or meat with skill and finesse.