300-309g Knife Weight

B30 6.8″Cleaver

This series knives made by 67 layers damascus steel with 10Cr15CoMoV steel core. Hardness reach 60±1HRC, also include a strong feature of corrosion, rust and toughness. Adding rare metal cobalt, the blade is harder but not brittle and it is known for its sharpness. With vacuum heat treatment, knife has a higher hardness better sharpness and better durability. The blade is incredibly strong and stable. The razor sharp edge could be kept for months of frequent daily use. With outstanding sharpness, you finally can slice your meat and vegetables easily as thin as you like.

The handle is crafted from very precious figured sycamore wood, adorned with an exquisite mosaic brass rivet. It has been polished by experienced craftsmen through multiple processes for a beautiful finishing. Innovative handle design grants ergonomic and well-balanced handle.
With meticulous hand polishing, our latest innovative handle crafted from figured sycamore boasts exceptional durability and fits perfectly into the palm, providing enhanced control.

SE 300mm Sashimi Knife

SE sashimi knife series are the traditional knife shapes to cut raw fish, featuring single-bevel blades in two main shapes, Deba knife and Sashimi knife. Sashimi knives come in three sizes to adapt to different cuts:240mm sashimi knife, 270mm sashimi knife, 300mm sashimi knife.

The SE Series blades are made from Electroslag remelted 7Cr17MoV forged Steel with hardness of 58±2 HRC. Electroslag remelting is a special heat treatment which doubles the solidification speed of ingots, reducing the number and particle size of primary carbides, thereby improving the toughness of the material and enhancing the wear resistance. The concave blade grinding process, called “Urasuki” in Japanese helps reduce the contact surface between the food and the blade, prevents the food from sticking to the blade, and reduces food compression, preserving the very delicate features of raw fish. The blade surface is sandblasting and with a fine metal texture.

The handle is made in ebony wood. It is mainly produced in subtropical and African regions. It has high texture hardness and is particularly appreciated for its strong wear resistance. The wood fiber is fine, without pores and with good moisture resistance. These features and its unique aesthetic look make Ebony wood a great and beautiful material for knife handles.

B2 7″Cleaver

When selecting the ideal material for kitchen knives, it’s important to strike a balance in qualities. German 1.4116 steel is favored for its strong resistance to rust, ease of sharpening, and durability. For this knife series, we’ve chosen German 1.4116 steel for the blade. This type of steel contains chromium, a component that offers solid rust protection. This means the steel is safe for food and perfect for professional kitchens. The steel is also simple to maintain as it resists rust and stains. It’s designed to last, thanks to the addition of molybdenum for improved wear resistance.

The handle, made of pakka wood with vibrant colors and a pleasing grain pattern, is sturdy and comfortable to hold. It fits well in the hand, making cutting tasks easier and safer. The handle’s ergonomic design ensures a secure grip and provides excellent control and balance for effortless slicing of various foods.

B13D 10″Chef Knife

Fashioned from superior 67-layer Damascus steel, bolstered by a sturdy 10Cr15CoMoV steel core, this collection embodies durability and refinement. With a 60±1HRC hardness rating, these knives are fortified against corrosion, rust, and everyday wear. Through vacuum heat treatment, these blades achieve heightened hardness, precision, and longevity, alongside elevated resistance to corrosion and rust, ensuring enduring strength.

Each knife in this series boasts a desert ironwood handle, meticulously designed for both comfort and aesthetic. Renowned for its resilience against deformation and tearing, this material provides a secure, lightweight grip that ensures ease and safety in cutting. An ergonomic design ensures a seamless fit within the hand, offering effortless control and balance, attested by rigorous testing to ensure a harmonious link between handle and blade. This thoughtful craftsmanship underscores our commitment to a harmonious blend of form and function, resulting in an exquisite culinary tool.