160-169g Knife Weight

B35 8“Bread Knife

This series of products features high-quality German 1.4116 stainless steel blades, which are vacuum heat-treated to achieve a hardness of 55-57HRC. This steel contains metal elements such as chromium, molybdenum and vanadium, which give it superior properties. Compared to ordinary stainless steel kitchen knives, they have better corrosion resistance, rust resistance and strong toughness. These blades are extremely sharp and provide a perfect cutting, preserving the original flavor of the food.

The handles are made of natural red sandalwood, which is durable and comfortable. They are designed for a perfect hand fit, making cutting easier and safer. The ergonomic handle design ensures a comfortable grip and provides the best mobility for cutting different types of food.

With this series, XINZUO is committed to creating a set of simple and practical kitchen knives. It combines classic craftsmanship with modern minimalist design concepts. Choosing XINZUO knives will make your kitchen experience enjoyable and satisfying.

B37S Forged Carving Fork

In this series, we have upgraded the product design with a new finger protection design. The arc transition at the junction of the blade root and the blade avoids accidental finger touch and cuts during use. In the pursuit of product aesthetic performance, we have never forgotten the practicality of the essence of the knife. The Lan series has achieved the unity of appearance and function.

Products in this series is made by 3 layers 10Cr15CoMoV composite steel with a hardness 60±1 HRC with good levels of corrosion and rust resistance and toughness.  It adopts the 3 layers composite steel mirror polishing and sandblasting process. Forged from composite steel, the surface is mirror polished and sandblasted to give the surface of the knives an original texture.

The knives in this series use pakka wood material for the handles, also treated with high-quality resin, which is particularly resistant to moisture.

Have fun in the kitchen, starting with a set of composite steel knives that are really sharp and easy to use.

PM8S 7″Santoku Knife

This series of chef knives features a three-layer forged composite steel blade, with a traditional design and appearance. The steel core is made of 10Cr15CoMoV material, which contains various elements that enhance its properties. Chromium makes the knife resistant to rust and abrasion. Cobalt improves the steel’s wear resistance. Molybdenum keeps the blade sharp and durable. Vanadium is a rare element added to increases the wear resistance, toughness and sharpness of the steel.

The blade is crafted with traditional old techniques and professional process technology, making it not only beautiful, but also practical and functional. The core hardness of 60±1HRC ensures that the blade is durable and sharp. The blade undergoes vacuum heat treatment to stabilize its hardness.

The handle is made of high-quality redwood with a black buffalo horn. It has a classic Japanese octagonal design, which provides perfect balance, elegant performance and comfort. The handle has a slip-resistant design and minimizes hand fatigue after long-term use.

B2 8“Bread Knife

When selecting the ideal material for kitchen knives, it’s important to strike a balance in qualities. German 1.4116 steel is favored for its strong resistance to rust, ease of sharpening, and durability. For this knife series, we’ve chosen German 1.4116 steel for the blade. This type of steel contains chromium, a component that offers solid rust protection. This means the steel is safe for food and perfect for professional kitchens. The steel is also simple to maintain as it resists rust and stains. It’s designed to last, thanks to the addition of molybdenum for improved wear resistance.

The handle, made of pakka wood with vibrant colors and a pleasing grain pattern, is sturdy and comfortable to hold. It fits well in the hand, making cutting tasks easier and safer. The handle’s ergonomic design ensures a secure grip and provides excellent control and balance for effortless slicing of various foods.

B38 5″Utility Knife

Forged from a composite of 73 layers of Damascus steel, enriched with 14Cr14MoVNb powder steel, this creation embodies a zenith of steel craftsmanship. Employing over 73 layers in the forging process, followed by meticulous manual wet grinding, results in an exceptionally sharp, double-beveled blade. The unique 14Cr 14MoVNb powder steel, achieved through precision directional powder injection, attains a remarkable 60±2 HRC hardness. Its structure boasts uniformly distributed carbide particles, ensuring homogeneity. With a carbon content of 1.32%-1.42%, hardness ranges from 2.9%-3.1%, further augmented by deep freezing and heat treatment, ensuring steadfast stability.

The handle, crafted from G10 material with a wood-like color, adorned with captivating mosaic brass rivets, unites aesthetic charm with functional durability. G10’s robustness extends to heat, corrosion, and high-pressure resistance. The handle’s surface showcases a Damascus-like pattern, meticulously etched via a professional process. Complementing its visual appeal, ergonomic design assures secure and comfortable control over cutting edges, enhancing both safety and precision.

B38H 3.5″Paring Knife

Presenting the B38H Knife Series, featuring a blade crafted from 67 layers of genuine Damascus steel with polished, sandblasted, and hammered textures to prevent food adhesion. The handle’s ergonomic design, gradually tapering for a lighter feel and balanced usage. The steel core, made of 10Cr15CoMoV steel, maintains a Rockwell hardness of 60±1HRC for lasting sharpness and durability.

The handle, constructed from ivory-white G10 material, offers insulation, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. Its classic color complements urban cuisine aesthetics, while its ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip. The customized rivet structure adds both style and function to the handle. The B38H Chef Knife Series epitomizes the fusion of artistry and precision in a culinary tool.