B30R 5″Utility Knife

This series of kitchen knives is made of 73 layers Damascus steel with 14Cr14MoVNb power steel. Since the crystals of the inner elements are uniform and consistent during melting, the knives are reliably produced with their sharpness and uniform texture. Powder steel (14Cr14MoVNb) has even steel core crystals, stable heat treatment, extremely low error rate, comfortable grinding and extremely high hardness. This powder steel has a high carbon content of 1.32%-1.42% and the rare metal niobium is added to improve the rust resistance and wear resistance of the steel.

Selected rivets made of natural rosewood and mosaic brass meet. The ergonomic and non-sliding solid wood handles are very comfortable and not easy to slide, which not only reduces fatigue during long-term use but also offers a perfect balance. You can control the cut safely and comfortably. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern alchemy technology creates high-quality knives that are suitable for food processing in different scenarios.