10'' Chef Knife

B1Z 9.5″ Chef Knife

Crafted from Damascus steel with 67 layers and a 10Cr15CoMoV core, treated for 60±1HRC hardness and corrosion resistance, this creation boasts a distinctive wave pattern that epitomizes expert craftsmanship. The handles, hewn from ebony wood and adorned with 2MM Brass Washers, exemplify meticulous attention to quality and aesthetics.

Within this series of knives lies a fusion of classic design elements, curated for both elegance and functionality. The ergonomic configuration ensures comfort and tactile satisfaction, underlined by the implementation of refined processing techniques, promising an unmatched user experience.

B13D 10″Chef Knife

Fashioned from superior 67-layer Damascus steel, bolstered by a sturdy 10Cr15CoMoV steel core, this collection embodies durability and refinement. With a 60±1HRC hardness rating, these knives are fortified against corrosion, rust, and everyday wear. Through vacuum heat treatment, these blades achieve heightened hardness, precision, and longevity, alongside elevated resistance to corrosion and rust, ensuring enduring strength.

Each knife in this series boasts a desert ironwood handle, meticulously designed for both comfort and aesthetic. Renowned for its resilience against deformation and tearing, this material provides a secure, lightweight grip that ensures ease and safety in cutting. An ergonomic design ensures a seamless fit within the hand, offering effortless control and balance, attested by rigorous testing to ensure a harmonious link between handle and blade. This thoughtful craftsmanship underscores our commitment to a harmonious blend of form and function, resulting in an exquisite culinary tool.

B13R 10″Chef Knife

B13R is one of the best selling series of all time from Xinzuo. Its classic shape and its great performances helped Xinzuo become the leading manufacturer of Damascus knives in the whole China. This knives series is made by 67 layers high quality Damascus Steel with hardness of 60±1HRC, while maintaining a strong corrosion, rust and toughness resistances.

The blade is strong and stable. The razor sharp edge could be kept for months of frequent daily use. With outstanding sharpness, you could slice your meat and vegetables easily as thin as you like.

For the handle part we use natural rosewood. It is characterized by a hard texture, beautiful grain, bright color, high hardness, good wear resistance, and is very difficult to deform.

Only truly excellent products can impress customers, our mission is to focus on the essence of making a great knife.