B5 Chopper

Introducing an exceptional line of German stainless steel knives, epitomizing precision and craftsmanship. Within this distinguished series, an array of four knife types graces the collection, encompassing the versatile chef knife, the utility knife, the nakiri knife, and the bone chopper.

The blade, meticulously shaped from German 1.4116 steel, stands as a testament to engineering excellence. Possessing a martensitic microstructure, this steel variety is a hallmark of German craftsmanship, attaining an impressive hardness of 56 HRC. The 1.4116 steel is renowned for its stainless nature, characterized by high resistance to corrosion, remarkable strength, and superior mechanical attributes. A meticulous multi-process sharpening regimen ensures prolonged edge sharpness, enabling effortless precision in cutting a diverse range of ingredients, while preserving the original essence of each element.

The handle, a masterpiece carved from ebony wood, resonates with elegance and resilience. Known for its lustrous appearance, absence of distinctive odors, resistance to decay, and sturdy, weighty composition, ebony wood possesses an inherent fineness that perfectly complements the blade’s prowess. This union of blade and handle, forged with meticulous expertise, exudes a timeless charm, elevating your culinary space with an aura of sophistication.