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Handcrafted from a composition of 3 Layers of 440C composite steel, these knives achieve a remarkable hardness ranging from 58 to 60 HRC, while simultaneously showcasing robust attributes of corrosion resistance, rust protection, and sturdiness. Engraved within the core of this alloy is 440C, a martensitic stainless steel of the 400 series, renowned for its exceptional strength, hardness, and wear resistance. With an elevated carbon content and balanced corrosion resistance, 440C rises above its peers in the realm of commonplace 440-series stainless alloys.

The iconic round handle, a testimony to classic design, is meticulously hewn from select natural padauk wood. A labor of love, the wood undergoes meticulous hand-polishing in multiple iterations, resulting in both a visually exquisite and tactilely pleasing handle. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the handle is characterized by an optimal sense of balance, facilitating fatigue-free cutting with each use. The handle’s exceptional anti-crack properties underscore its long-lasting durability, ensuring a steadfast companion for years to come.