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F4 Crown

The F4 series is crafted from BOHLER M390 high-quality powder steel, which has a hardness of 60±1HRC and excellent corrosion, rust and toughness resistance. BOHLER M390 steel is a martensitic third generation powder steel that has undergone revolutionary improvements and enhancements in wear resistance, compression resistance, toughness, strength and polishing performance.

The heat treatment process is crucial for determining the performance of a knife. This blade adopts the official original heat treatment of BOHLER to maximize the potential of the steel and make it more durable and sharp.

The handle is made of desert ironwood, which has a unique crown-like shape. The front and back steel heads are adorned with blue titanium and the tail is embellished with artificial ruby.

This series of knives combines aesthetics and functionality, offering a superior user experience and a refined appearance