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Introducing the F3 series, an ensemble of four distinctive knife profiles: the deba knife, the sashimi knife, the sakimaru knife, and the Kiritsuke knife. At the core of each blade lies our extraordinary 110-layer Full Damascus steel—a symphony of two high-hardness steel varieties, masterfully fused to attain an exceptional hardness of up to 60±1 HRC. This harmonious blend not only bestows exceptional sharpness and formidable corrosion resistance but also boasts the self-sharpening feature of Full Damascus blades, if used correctly. This cutting-edge concept ensures that each slice is as precise and effortless as the first, further enhancing your culinary precision.

The creation of a remarkable knife hinges on the forging of superlative steel, a principle that this series encapsulates. The utilization of a traditional Japanese cutting edge, coupled with progressive thickness processing and an ingenious rear edge technique, results in an edge of unparalleled keenness, allowing you to slice with remarkable precision.

The handle, a marriage of North desert Ironwood and black G10, symbolizes a synergy of form and function. The desert ironwood, with its innate resistance to deformation and tearing, is further endowed with non-slip properties and moisture resistance, ensuring unwavering control and safety. The handle’s lightweight construction aligns seamlessly with the hand, fostering an effortless and secure cutting experience. G10, with its insulation, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance attributes, finds its purpose as the material of choice for kitchen knife handles, underscoring its exceptional stability.

The F3 series not only exemplifies the fusion of craftsmanship and precision but also promises an elevated culinary journey through its thoughtful design and remarkable performance.