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The B9 series knives embody a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and precision, with each blade constructed from a fusion of 67 layers of Damascus steel. Leveraging cutting-edge vacuum heat treatment technology, these knives attain an exceptional Rockwell hardness rating of 60±1HRC. Beyond this impressive hardness, they also flaunt innate attributes of corrosion resistance, rust protection, and formidable toughness. This unique amalgamation translates into an enviable sharpness and edge resilience, seamlessly equipping you to tackle everyday culinary tasks with utmost ease and precision, transforming meal preparation into an enjoyable experience.

Enhancing the practicality and comfort of the B9 series is the incorporation of a rosewood handle. This handle variety boasts an inherent resistance to deformation and cracking, serving as an inviting conduit to a comfortable grip. This stability of the handle seamlessly translates into a reliable grip, complemented by a well-balanced design that ensures effortless control during cutting endeavors. Melding functionality with form, the ergonomic handle design not only enhances comfort but also empowers you with enhanced precision and efficiency, making each culinary endeavor a satisfying and gratifying endeavor.