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B38 Elegant

Forged from a composite of 73 layers of Damascus steel, enriched with 14Cr14MoVNb powder steel, this creation embodies a zenith of steel craftsmanship. Employing over 73 layers in the forging process, followed by meticulous manual wet grinding, results in an exceptionally sharp, double-beveled blade. The unique 14Cr 14MoVNb powder steel, achieved through precision directional powder injection, attains a remarkable 60±2 HRC hardness. Its structure boasts uniformly distributed carbide particles, ensuring homogeneity. With a carbon content of 1.32%-1.42%, hardness ranges from 2.9%-3.1%, further augmented by deep freezing and heat treatment, ensuring steadfast stability.

The handle, crafted from G10 material with a wood-like color, adorned with captivating mosaic brass rivets, unites aesthetic charm with functional durability. G10’s robustness extends to heat, corrosion, and high-pressure resistance. The handle’s surface showcases a Damascus-like pattern, meticulously etched via a professional process. Complementing its visual appeal, ergonomic design assures secure and comfortable control over cutting edges, enhancing both safety and precision.