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B32D Feng

B32D Series feature a blade made of 49 layers of SRS13 Damascus powder steel, which has undergone vacuum cryogenic heat treatment to achieve lasting sharpness and toughness. SRS13 powder steel is a high-end material that is widely used by Japanese swordsmiths for its high hardness, excellent sharpness and durability. It has a carbon content of 1.2%-1.25%, and it can reach a hardness of 62-64HRC after vacuum and frozen heat treatment. It also contains rare cobalt, which makes the blade hard but not brittle and enhances its sharpness.

The handle is crafted from desert ironwood, which is durable, non-slip and moisture-resistant. It is very light and comfortable and fits seamlessly in your hand, making cutting easier and safer. The tail is decorated with exquisite mosaic studs, which add a unique and beautiful touch.

Damascus steel kitchen knives have superior sharpness, toughness and rust resistance. They are versatile knives that are essential for any kitchen.